20 Sep

Looking for the quick win to grow your business?

Most businesses assume in order to grow the business they need to invest large amounts of money in marketing to bring in lots of new leads that will in turn convert to new customers. Although this is one way, there is however some quick win strategies that are cost effective you can implement in your business and get great results NOW. 

1. Contacting your existing customers:

There are studies that show it is nearly 6 times easier to sell to your existing customer versus trying to sell to new prospects. The easiest way to get more business from the customers you already work with is simply to stay in touch. The golden rule we follow is to talk to your current customers a minimum of every 90 days. This allows you to their current needs allowing you to up sell, cross sell and build repeat business fast. Why not take the 90 challenge and talk to all your top customers over the next 90 days finding out what other product and services they are currently using and how you could assist them in improving their businesses with the products or services you have to offer. Just simply talking to your customers will also build relationships and rapport which in turn will allow you to ask for more referrals. 

2. Asking for referrals:

Working closely to support your current customers will allow you to WOW them with your customer service and build raving fans. Once you build a closer relationship you will be able to openly ask them if they know any other like-minded customers who could benefit from the product and service you have supplied them. Be specific with what you are looking for so you get the best possible prospects. REMEMBER say thank you, if someone refers you a friend or colleague a simple thank you will go a long way. You can just give them a call and say thank you or go that extra mile and reward them for sending you the business, make this personal so it shows you care and have thought about it. Maybe there favorite bottle of wine or dinner at a restaurant you know they love. They won’t hesitate to send you more of their friends and colleagues again. 

3. Calling Past and Present Prospects:

A low cost strategy to generate great results can be the simple follow up call but you must embrace it and be consistent. A lot of prospects simply don’t say yes because they become too busy and you slip to the back of there to do list. Schedule some time to touch base with your new and old prospects, taking 20 minutes out of your day to give them a call and ask them how they are getting on with making a decision allows you to answer any concerns they may have or add value by guiding them in the right direction to assist them in making the correct decision. You may even find that they have been meaning to call you but just simply haven’t got round to doing it. Don’t loose the business because they become too busy, put the effort in and you will reap the reward. 

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