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    Making marketing an investment
    We provide innovative tools to empower
    your marketing, to allow you to visually track and monitor
    the lead generation from your marketing investments.
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    Track lead generation
    and review live online
    Telephone Call Tracking
    QR Tracking
    Freecall 0800 numbers
    Local numbers
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Do you really know the return on investment from your marketing?

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half” - John Wanamaker

TestAndMeasure.com is an innovative system empowering our customers with the tools to identify precisely where your leads are being generated from; Maybe it's online, from flyers, billboards, magazine or newspaper adverts, or even from the side of your van! When you ask most business owners how they measure marketing leads they often say “we don’t!” - that's because they can't.

TestAndMeasure.com gives you the tools to make marketing an investment, not an expense.

FOUR Ways to measure your marketing

Telephone Call Tracking

Use unique phone numbers and track how many calls your campaign attracts. We give you the tools to instantly search, setup and track your call lead generation, either in total or unique per campaign. Data is refreshed every two minutes giving live stats.

QR Code Scan Tracking

We provide the tools to generate unique QR Codes for your campaigns and to track the number of scans that they generate and in some cases what device it was scanned on and where.

Web Short Code Link Tracking

Provide your web address and we will generate a shortened version for you to use. This is ideal if you are carrying out campaigns on social media such as Facebook or Twitter where content length is restricted, or perhaps in an email newsletter. You can take advantage of measureing short link marketing effectiveness. Each "hit" is tracked to show the number of leads from emails or websites in one place.

Domain Name Tracking

Register a unique domain name either instantly via our dashboard or use an existing one you may own, advertise this in your campaign and we will track the number of leads this generates. All visits will be automatically forwarded to your main website or any web address you choose, this can be changed at any time.


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